Product Review: BabySmart Cooshee Changer

Hands down, BEST PURCHASE decision I have made to date! I can’t believe that anyone would mess with a changing pad and cloth cover after what I have experienced in this short time with Beckett.

In the first week with our son, my husband and I would have needed up to 8 clean covers per day if it weren’t for our Cooshee. Of course, with the passing of days and now weeks, we’ve gotten better at preventing the messes, but he still gets us with a stream of whiz or a splatter of poo at least every other day. I keep a tub of Clorox wipes next to the changer and in one fell swoop, bye, bye Beckett soil. This is the #1 reason we love it, #2 is because Beckett LOVES it! You can lay him down in this thing and he may be upset for a moment or two, but suddenly, he is calm, quiet and letting mommy and daddy go about cleaning up his business.

Initially, I was skeptical purchasing something that, in comparison to the soft, squishy pads with cloth covers, looked hard and cold. NOT THE CASE, AT ALL!! The micro-cell foam is soft and warms immediately to our son’s skin. He doesn’t shutter or shiver a bit, and has laid on it naked more times than clothed (many outfits were sacrificed that first week as well). A girlfriend of mine also has a Cooshee, and she has used it to bathe her son, cool added bonus, I’d say!! I feel extremely lucky that I read about this changer in a blog somewhere and shopped outside of the norm. I used the reviews on Amazon to cement my decision, and even purchased it there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available there now, but I’ve attached a link where it is. Happy changing!

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