Nil, nada, zip, zilch… ZERO!! My due date has passed and exactly NOTHING happened. The boy is late and we will wait…


We Made It… 40 Weeks!


I must admit, I didn’t think I’d see this day. From the very first ultrasounds, after measuring my little dude, the nurses and technicians have questioned my due date. They ranged wildly from four days to two weeks larger than expected. I insisted that my period date was close to correct so they kept my original due date, based on my own calculations. THANK GOD! Because if I was sitting here, still pregnant, after moving my due date sooner, I’d really be going out of my mind. My doctor has reminded me several times that first-time mothers often go over their due dates, and that patience is the only thing he can prescribe. None the less, call it wishful thinking, or maybe because my mom delivered 3 children early and my sister 2 of 3 early, or maybe because I was told over and over what a big boy I had brewing, or simply a case of wanting to meet this little guy so badly, I sit here today able to write this post, one day overdue. NO CONTRACTIONS, NO LABOR PAINS, NO SIGNS that this will even be happening soon. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor and another ultrasound to see how things are looking. I’d love to not make that appointment, but for now, it stands.

Matt and I are both very excited that we will be giving our son the best chance at a good run at baseball, should he like the sport. The age cut-off date for little league is 4/30, so he’ll potentially be the oldest kiddo on the team. I only mention this because if you have read Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell makes a pretty good point about planning for your children’s success in sports based on birthdays (as if we could plan for these things anyways). Just trying to find the silver lining, as I wait another day, sleep deprived, uncomfortable and unable to control my anxiety about labor. Yikes!!

A good read: http://www.amazon.com/Outliers-Story-Success-Malcolm-Gladwell/dp/0316017930/ref=tmm_pap_title_0


Diamonds or Emeralds? The question is still up for debate, I’ve got one more day for a diamond which symbolizes innocence, and many days to follow that will indicate an emerald, symbolizing love or success. In any case it looks like I will be raising a Taurus, the bull. Let’s just hope his horns are easy on the exit!!


What an amazing day in San Diego! There really are so many, but when everything comes together on an April weekend, I realize just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful city. The hubs and I spent the afternoon walking the Encinitas Street Fair and found some interesting trinkets and had some good eats. The sun felt great and the walking, well, it’s getting harder, but I will continue to do it, so long as this baby comes soon.

Hoping tomorrow brings more sun and more fun. Cheers!

Maternity Photos

It is safe to say, that at 35 weeks, I was not exactly feeling super sexy in this pregnancy bod. But it wasn’t a minute sooner that I thought about the idea of actually taking some maternity photos, and forever documenting this curvaceous figure on high gloss. Hmmm… quite the conundrum. As I began to process the time and energy it would take to execute this photo shoot, I got discouraged and almost threw in the towel.

“No, Diane. You’re doing this! It’s your first baby, and you’ll regret not having them.” Love my little pep-talks …ok, where to begin?

Most people I know that have done this sort of shoot hire a professional to pose them and get some flattering light on all the right places. With five weeks til my due date, I didn’t have time on my side and scheduling out a few weeks was really out of the question. Not to mention that spending a couple hundred dollars on photos that I would likely look and feel puffy and piggy in didn’t sound that enticing either. Luckily, my hubby and I spent a small fortune on a nice camera a couple of years back and surely, with the right person behind the lens, we could get a few good shots on the auto settings.

Enter, Joy, my BFF and jack-of-all-trades. She agreed to the challenge and willingly came over to my house, supporting another one of my crazy ideas without any objections. I had a slew of photos I found on the web that I wanted to try to emulate and that is where the afternoon began. My husband would poke his head in to laugh and make fun with a few comments throughout the afternoon, but in all seriousness, I think we got some good ones (with minimal help from Photoshop, wink, wink).

My suggestion to anyone wanting these kind of photos for themselves in the future, try scheduling during your seventh month. Hoping and praying for a good day, without puffiness, skin problems, back problems, moodiness, etc. near the end is risky. I feel like I got EXTREMELY lucky at 36 weeks prego.

Joy, I really can’t thank you enough, you are amazing and we (me and baby) are so grateful to have you in our life. xoxo

The rest of the best: http://babysherrillmakes3.shutterfly.com/pictures/109

My inspiration: http://kellyhicksdesign.com/2011/04/hannahs-materity-photos/