Interesting Tidbit: Good Ol’ Fashioned Whoopie!

Let’s rewind the clocks a bit… this IT was found while searching my trusty resource, Google, for some tips to induce labor. What I found was that two, would be needed for this tango. That’s right, SEX, what gets the baby in, gets the baby out! Skeptical? Don’t be. It worked for me (at least that’s what I think happened).

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that Beckett was happy to stay inside my uterus forever. So, literally, on my due date I made my husband screw me. LOL! I just threw up in my mouth a little. The things he does for me… seriously, 40 weeks pregnant, 170 pounds, swollen in all the wrong places, tired, gassy, cranky, uncomfortable (just to name a few), not the best partner for a mind-blowing experience, but he worked it out. The result: two days later, a baby boy. Call it what you will, I call it my labor-inducing remedy.

Here’s the proof… Semen contains prostaglandins, the hormone-like substances that soften your cervix in preparation for labor. So, have some fun and fire away.


Interesting Tidbits: The Negative Rh Factor

Who out there actually knows their blood type? …And remembers it every 5 or so years when asked? Not I! This little tidbit of information has been told to me several times over the course of my lifetime, and I vaguely remember having a card printed with this exact information from some doctor, somewhere, at sometime. But alas, it has been lost and/or has slipped my mind. Thankfully, the people in charge of me during this pregnancy DO know my blood type and so, my nurse practitioner says one day, “you’re Rh negative” (yep, still don’t know my blood type) “Would you like your RhoGAM shot today?!” I supposed that day was no better or worse than another, so I pulled down my drawers and badda-bing-badda-boom, I was stuck with a fairly large needle, in my fairly large arse!!

If my husband knew what his blood type was (in positive or negative terms) we could have avoided this altogether, but he also DOES NOT know his blood type. 85% of people are Rh positive. Assuming he is in that majority we went ahead with the shot.

Now what does this shot or having Rh negative blood mean… If both husband and wife are negative, their baby would also be born with a negative blood type, therefore, no shot would be needed. However, if mother is negative and father is positive, the chances of a positive blood type is possible in their offspring. There are apparently many ways a mother and her baby’s blood can mix during pregnancy and/or birth, and several bad things can happen as a result. If a positive Rh blood type is exposed in the mother’s negative blood, antibodies will develop and treat the baby as an intruder. These antibodies will attack his blood, breaking down his red blood cells causing anemia, jaundice or other blood related problems. In severe cases this hemolytic disease can cause illness, brain damage and even death.

Bring on the shots! Booty baring and all!!

Interesting Tidbit: Baby Dreams

I recently asked my doctor the question “What is my baby doing all day?”

My husband and I pondered the thought of our little dude in a conscious state, dancing, grooving or practicing karate moves like his future toddler-self might eventually do.  We wondered whether the movements we have seen during ultrasounds were voluntary or involuntary?  Does he sleep?

My doctor’s response to my question surprised me.  He said that the majority of day is spent sleeping, 20 hours or more.  Instantly, I feel lucky that we got to see him moving around on the sonogram screen.  Furthermore, my doctor continues, up to a 100 percent of that time the baby is actually in dream-sleep.  WHOA!  What can this little dude be dreaming about?!  I have always related my own dreams to the things happening around me, people I have had a relationship with or known at some point in my life, places I have visited or experienced through books and media, all stored away in some corner of my mind that pop-up when I least expect it.  But experience is something my baby can not possibly have, right?  I imagine this intense little imagination, this tiny brain forming dreams about what his life will be like, what the world he’ll be born into will hold, who his parents will be, and wonder… will he be disappointed?

Sweet dreams, little one.

Interesting Tidbit: Placenta Placement

I have been concerned that I haven’t felt my little guy moving around inside my growing belly.  From what I’ve read, and from what I’ve been told by other moms, I could have felt this little dude as soon as 16 weeks.  As I sit on the brink of my half way mark, 20 weeks, I wondered if it was just that I hadn’t recognized what it actually feels like….


This week I had my 19 week ultrasound and among other news, the technician tells me that I have an anterior placenta.  Embarrassed by my lack of placenta knowledge, the first thing I ask is “what exactly is the placenta?”  Sure I’ve heard the word, but really besides the fact that it “falls to the floor” in a Live song, I had no idea what it actually is!  The technician explains to me that the placenta is the nutrient sack that feeds my little dude, cool.  The second thing I ask is “is having an anterior placenta ok?”  The technician tells me that this is a normal variance.  The anterior placenta sits on the front of the uterine wall near the abdomen, instead of the back near the spine, where a posterior placenta would sit.  She also mentions that the reason I haven’t felt this little guy is likely because my placenta is in front of the baby.  His movements would have to generate enough force that I could feel it through the placenta, which is large in comparison to the uterus.  Interesting!  She assures me that I should feel him in the next couple of weeks, and by the looks of how active he was in the ultrasound, there won’t be any way I will miss it for too much longer.


What is a placenta?

Anterior v. Posterior

Interesting Tidbit: Shots, shots, shots…

…shots, shots, everybody!

I’ve never had the Flu Shot before.  I’ve never wanted one.  I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty healthy person and I’m not a huge fan of needles.  Truthfully, I rarely get sick, even though plenty of my clients like to tempt me with their sicknesses every day during this dreaded flu season.  I also don’t like putting unnecessary “medicines” into my body, and I’d like to think I’m a strong enough machine to fight off whatever bad comes my way.  I’ve never read or been told anything about the vaccine convincing me otherwise, so I suppose my ignorance is bliss.

This week I got the Flu Shot for the first time, and I did it not only for myself, I did it for my baby.  This IT was suggested by my OBGYN because as most of us preggos know, there are very few over-the-counter type medicines we can take to relieve our symptoms when things go awry while carrying precious cargo.  Knowing that I can’t down a shot of NyQuil to help me catch some z’s or to clear up my sinuses was almost convincing enough.  Add on the fact that I pass on the flu antibodies to my baby so that when they are finally born, they too, will also be protected from the flu, SOLD!!!

Man, these people really know what they’re doing!  Check out this article.

Interesting Tidbit: Sleep Positions

I came across this IT by accident yesterday.  Well, not exactly by accident, I mean I was scouring pregnancy websites for more and MORE information (I’m a control freak, I can’t help it).  I suppose I should say it was something I found that I wasn’t looking for, cool.  You learn something new everyday (wink)!


Sleeping on your side is best while you’re pregnant. In particular, sleeping on your left side may benefit your baby by improving blood flow – and therefore nutrients – to the placenta. It also helps your kidneys efficiently eliminate waste products and fluids from your body, which in turn reduces swelling in your ankles, feet, and hands.


Sounds grrrrreat to me!  Not to mention that I’ve been training 31 years for this one.  Love to find out that I’m doing something right without even knowing it.  Whoo hoo!


Speaking of sleep positions, any moms out there use the Boppy Total Body Pillow while pregnant?  Or something similar?  Right now I’m piling up pillows, sort of creating one, just wondered if it was worth the dough.  Do tell!

Interesting Tidbit: Trash Day!

This IT came from a girlfriend of mine that had been trying for some time to get pregnant (she’s also pregnant and due early next year).  Upon further research, I added it to our regime.


Long periods of abstinence increase old sperm count in the semen, decreasing its ability to fertilize the egg.  Having sex every two or three days refreshes semen, resulting in better sperm quality.


We had what we called a “sperm dump day”.  It was the first day in our 10-day method, when I knew I was several days away from ovulation.  It was easy to add-on the extra day and I felt better about our sperm quality, therefore I felt better about getting the job done!


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