First Quarter Report

It’s unbelievable to know that three months have passed (and actually the fourth is just around the corner). O.M.G! 3 MONTHS! Three whole months of the most amazing experiences… from the first sound of his miracle cries to the latest smiles and belly laughs, Beckett has changed our lives and my husband and I couldn’t be more happy.

They* say you should never wish your children’s lives away. I understand this now, as these last months have flown by, each day over before I know it. It hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about what it will be like when Beckett walks along side of us, when he can talk to us in full sentences or when he can sit down and eat a meal with us at our favorite restaurant… I look forward to these milestones with both excitement and trepidation. I know I will never be able to turn back the clocks, and am doing my very best to enjoy all these precious moments. A simple, silent smile, the flutter of perfect eyelashes over bright, blue eyes or a quiet coo are the moments that make my day sparkle. I often find myself looking at Beckett in awe, my wildest dreams could not have prepared me for this kind of love.

How is he doing? Well, healthy does not even begin to explain it! The boy is growing like a weed, his two-month appointment he weighed in at 14lbs (90th percentile) and measured 23″ in length (60th percentile). He continues to eat every 2-3 hours during the day and wakes only once in the early morning hours to nurse, giving mom a six-hour stretch from 9pm to 3am to sleep, whoo hoo! We have went thru newborn and 3 month clothing, currently living in his 6 month sizes. He is tracking movement with his eyes and is beginning to grab and hold toys, fingers, his own toes, etc. His vocabulary started off with brilliant vowel sounds and has progressed to tight-lipped grunting and spitty bubbles. He kicks and punches with the intensity of a fighter, each movement becoming more and more deliberate. His favorite times of day are bath time (hands-down, always smiling), while playing under his jungle gym and sitting in his vibrating baby papasan We have been blessed with a baby that I believe couldn’t be more of a joy or more easy-going.

How am I doing? My goodness, thank you for asking! I am a very happy momma, Beckett is the apple of my eye. This new role is both challenging and rewarding. I admit that I do have trouble understanding how my new life will fit into my old life or vice versa. For now, I feel like this path has forever changed me and that the old life I speak of is exactly that, my old life. I have mourned it on several occasions, my patience and will tested, but I always come back to the present and feel that without doubt there is nothing I am meant to be more than a mother. I will say this over and over, nothing can prepare you for this role. You cannot read about it, you cannot be told about it and you cannot fully understand what it means to be a parent, until you are one. If there is only one thing I have learned in these few months, it is that parenting is not easy, and I owe my own parents a lot of respect and graceful thanks for everything they have done for me. I find myself embarrassed to have passed any judgements on them, because I know now that they simply did the best they could do with the resources available to them. I hope that one day Beckett will look back on his own childhood and allow me the same civility.

How are we doing? My husband and I often wonder how parents do it all. We believe now, more than ever, that there are just not enough hours in the day, and maybe there never will be. Life on a strict schedule is a very hard thing to get used to, but we are enjoying Beckett and learning to cope with the curveballs he throws us together. We still sleep in separate rooms and find it difficult to connect with each other sometimes. I intend to break myself of this habit come Beckett’s fourth month birthday, and will be moving back in with my husband (yay). We are getting better at carving time out for ourselves separately and together. We think this thing called parenting will grow on us (wink, wink)!

I’ll wrap it up by saying this… Come sunshine or rainfall, my day starts and ends with my greatest accomplishment yet, a beautiful boy named Beckett.


*They refers to a very intelligent, all-knowing person(s) that I often call upon for advice, direction and general pat-on-the-back type support. LOL! They could easily be traded out for Google, I’ve read or someone told me (but I can’t remember who or how reliable they are but it sounded good at the time..). I reference they a lot, now you’re in the know!