Silly Symptoms: Leg Cramps

Wanna scare your husband half to death?! Let’s set the mood… it’s sometime in the 4:00am hour and you’re somewhere around 25-30 weeks pregnant. Your pregnancy to date has been fairly uneventful, easy even. Then, out of nowhere you shoot up in the middle of the night howling in pain. How fast can your hubs shake the sleep from his eyes and figure out what’s going on?

“What’s the matter babe?” he asks me, as if I know. Oh, I dunno, it feels like a baseball just rolled up my calf, under my skin, or a baby alien just moved in… “My leg, my leg!” I manage to get out, teeth clenched, body rigid, worried that any slight movement will increase the pain I’m feeling. As my husband massages, very gently, the alien-inhabited leg, he reminds me how important my consumption of water is. And although I later read that this is indeed one of the unexplainable symptoms of pregnancy (not necessarily dehydration), I have been scared straight. I use a 32oz water bottle to monitor my fluid intake, making sure that I’m getting close to drinking two of them per day. I’ve never had another leg cramp like that first one. Sometimes in the mornings, I feel a slight twinge of one coming on and choose to shy away from stretching out for fear of another.

My husband did very well with this test, btw, I believe he’ll be ready for anything as we near our due date! Speaking of due dates, I asked my doctor if I’ll know what labor feels like (I know, laugh it up moms) and he replied simply, “yes!” “The sensation will feel like a leg cramp, only around your mid section and back and will last for 45 seconds, every 3-5 minutes for several hours.” AWESOME!!! Can’t wait.

Feeling cramps, you’re not alone:



Pregnancy Must-Haves!


There are a few things that I couldn’t have lived without these past 8 months and I’ve written about most of them, but here is my official list.

Top 5 things on my shopping list:

#1. The Body Shop, Body Butter in Cocoa Butter

I’ve mentioned that my skin was extremely dry and itchy, well this has been my answer. My skin looks great, and VERY moisturized, and guess what… to date, NO STRETCH MARKS!!  The hubs and I have been long-time fans of this stuff and I can’t say enough about how great it’s been since the very first sight of my bump! Retail $18

#2. Prilosec OTC

Heartburn be gone.  I take this once daily in the morning before food and, seriously, no problems with heartburn.  Enjoy food and lots of it, you are eating for two after all!! Retail < $1/ serving

#3. Ugg Slippers, I went for the Ansley in Chestnut

There is nothing better than slipping into something comfy at the end of a long day, and these babies are like pillows to my abused feet. Worth every penny! Retail $100

#4. Prenatal Gummy Vitamins, I liked Target’s brand of Up&Up

I have never been a fan of swallowing pills, and prenatal vitamins are brutal. Not only are they huge, they leave you burping up that nasty vitamin-taste/smell for hours. I found these and take them before bed every night. Retail around $10 for 45 day supply.

#5. A partner in crime.

This should have been listed as my #1, because my partner in crime has been the most important part of this process. There are many people who can fill this position, mine happens to be my husband, Matt. My body has fared pretty well in this process, but there is nothing that can prevent the third trimester, short of an early arrival, and let’s not wish that on anyone. I am 30 lbs heavier than I have ever been and it takes a toll on my achy feet and back. Having someone to rub you down after a long day is a must! And let’s just say, once you hit that couch, chair or bed, there is nothing less appealing than getting up to retrieve that snack, glass of water, kleenex, etc…. enter P.I.C. “Babe can you get me (fill in the blank)?” He walks the dogs, makes dinner, does laundry, grocery shops, puts on my shoes, pats me on the back, builds me up and assures me all of this will soon result in the birth of our little guy. I am extremely lucky to have him. Retail, priceless!

I love you, Matt! xoxo