30 weeks, holy moly!


Everything is moving right along, check-ups with the doctor have been normal and the boy is getting bigger. I have finally decided that I do have cravings, and that they are for sweet treats. Girl Scout Cookies are in season, and are helping to fulfill that need. In addition to eating like it’s a sport, I’ve added a weekly training session with my trainer and a once-a-week aerobic workout in the pool at my local YMCA (yes, with all the 80 year olds). I’m feeling pretty good, until I look into the mirror. I can’t believe the person that stares back at me. I’m not ashamed of the body that has taken over my former self, nor worried about that self coming back. It’s just extremely hard to imagine that I will grow even bigger in the next 10 weeks. I’ve seen plenty of pregnant women before, but nothing can prepare you for this!

I remember saying that “I can’t wait until I look pregnant”, and at the time, I really couldn’t. I remember feeling like seeing the tell-tale bump would make me more comfortable in my too-tight non-maternity clothing, and that it would tell the world (that was looking at me with judgement in their eyes), “look, I’m making a human in here!!” Of course peering back upon those early months, no one was looking at me judging, my clothes may have felt tight, but the so-called bump I thought I was sporting looked more like a burrito I had for lunch, than a baby brewing. I realize now, that I wanted the bump to tell the world how excited I was to be pregnant, how excited I was to be starting a family. I wanted the bump to mean that the baby was growing, healthy and strong. I wanted the bump to mean that I didn’t have to worry about all the things that can happen to dampen this amazing experience. I wanted the bump because, I want this baby boy and because having it means getting closer to holding him in my arms.

Now I’m just getting mushy, my hormones making me an emotional mess… I’ve been crying more lately, and I’m kind of a cry-er, but this is sorta getting ridiculous. I will leave you with this, on body consciousness, and something I am finding a bit disturbing lately, pregnant women who say that they can’t wait to see their feet again, actually mean (when looking down there) that they can’t wait to see their vagina again. Because, if we’re being perfectly honest, we can lean over and see our feet, vagina, not so much. It’s not really one of those things I ever thought that I looked at, and maybe I don’t, but you don’t know how much you miss it until it’s gone! And for the next 10 weeks, HOLY MOLY, it’s GONE!


Silly Symptoms: How to train your (inner) dragon…

First, if you haven’t seen this movie (How to Train Your Dragon, DreamWorks Animation), YOU SHOULD!!  I am a sucker for a good animated film and this one is so darn cute.  I’m so excited that I’ll have a real reason in a couple of years to see all these “kiddo” movies.

Second, if you haven’t guessed it already, this silly symptom is all about HEARTBURN (yay)!  I have never experienced heart burn before, and it can best be described as what it would feel like to be a bonafide, living, fire-breathing dragon.  This SS snuck up on me around the holidays.  Not the best timing, might I add, think yummy, delicious food waiting to be enjoyed…  I also happened to experience a lovely case of food poisoning 5 days before Christmas, wrapping this SS up in a really pretty package, red bow and all.

It started a couple of days after my trip to urgent care, and literally almost landed me back in there.  I spent 10 hours early Tuesday morning hugging the porcelain goddess, 10 hours of gut-wretching puking sessions, 10 hours of dehydrating, rehydrating… 10 hours of worry for my baby boy.  I checked myself in to urgent care and received a IV that changed my world.  The next morning, I woke up feeling a million times better and was able to blow through the next couple of days at work in anticipation of heading home for the holidays.  Thursday evening I laid in bed and felt as if I could hardly catch my breath.  My chest and throat filled with an acidic, fiery gas, emitting flames seemed totally possible.  Swallowing was not only painful, but nearly impossible.  I thought about getting up and driving to urgent care, but my exhaustion from the previous days events and workload left me drained and I suffered through the night, hoping for a miracle the next morning.  Though a miracle was not in the cards, I did feel better and finished off my week with the help of Tums, and left San Diego for a nice long visit with the family.  The heartburn came and went as it pleased, with little rhyme or reason.  I had heard of this symptom and that it was just part of the process.  Mothers assured me this is normal.

The internet is a great source for many things, your doctor is an even better source.  I guess I should learn that “bothering” my doctor is totally worth it, because here is how you train your dragon… one Prilosec OTC a day, taken in the morning before food.  Seriously?!?!  Yep, that’s it!  Heartburn is gone.  Now, can we do the holidays over again?!