Silly Symptoms: Baby Calisthenics

It’s been described many ways in every piece of literature you read and told by moms all over, but nothing will really prepare you for what your little bundle feels like, when you first really feel him!  A flutter, like butterflies in your stomach, mistaken for gas bubbles, etc… it’s taken me awhile to find the words to explain it, but after a few months of experiencing it, it started like this…

Imagine blowing a chewing gum bubble inside your belly.  You wouldn’t feel the start of the bubble but as it got bigger it started to expand against your skin, you’d feel this VERY SLIGHT pressure and then (POP!) it was gone.  I can’t tell you the exact week that I started to feel this movement, because once I recognized what I was feeling, I realized I had felt it before. I knew for sure it was my baby boy around 19 and a half weeks.  As I’ve previously mentioned, my placenta absorbed a lot of these movements, and with the baby sleeping 18-20 hours a day there were days I was delighted in this new sensation, and days where my little guy went completely unnoticed.  Fast-forward seven weeks and we are at present-day, and I feel him daily.  Sometimes I’ll lay in bed with my shirt up and stare at my bare belly as it dances with his movements.  I like to envision him learning to bend, jump, twist and kick, increasing his body strength and flexibility with every exercise. My strong little boy anxiously waiting to show the world all of his moves.

My days are filled with work, chores, obligations, social engagements and sometimes a bit of fun, but often they are gone before I have a chance to reflect upon them.  Over the holidays my husband and I took several weeks to just enjoy our families and friends, and found ourselves slowing down.  It was this time when we both were able to bond over this new experience.  My husband felt the little guy move as well and now we’ll lay down at night together and try to feel him out.  It’s these “still” moments when he is the most active.  Long car rides, mornings in bed and evenings spent laying on the couch.  The hustle and bustle of the day is what soothes him to sleep, so I always try to give myself a bit of time to relax, reflect and get to know this amazing little human growing inside me.  “Hello, baby boy. I’m your mama, and I can’t wait to meet you.”

Everyone feels fetal movement differently, here is a great article:


Over the hump, 25 weeks.


25 weeks! OMG! We just got over the holidays and now, reality sets in… this baby is coming, we’re over the hump already!


A lot of really great things have happened in the past 5 weeks and so many of them I’ve gotten to share with my family and our friends over this joyful season. One of the biggest milestones was finally recognizing what this little dude feels like when he’s moving around inside my growing belly. What a weird, but amazing experience! My hubby was able to also feel a kick or two, and it’s been really fun bonding over this little guy who we barely even know. We have started talking to him with regularity, hoping his tiny ears can hear us and he’ll find comfort in our voices when he comes out into this big, crazy world. I found out what heartburn feels like (NOT any fun), and pray to the hair-gods that means he’ll have a full head of hair like his daddy, and not this fine wispy stuff that grows from mine. My mom and sis hosted a baby shower for my unborn over the week we visited Seattle for the holidays. Family and friends made time to celebrate with me and I feel so blessed that my baby boy will be born into this amazing network of loving individuals. I started on my registry and keep adding things as I find out about them. There are so many new and innovative ways to spoil your kiddos rotten these days, and I will welcome any suggestions you moms have out there with an open mind! My pregnancy reading material has been replaced with material about how to actually raise this human being, and I’m enjoying every new piece of knowledge I gain in the process. Last but not least, I experienced the biggest weight gain in a four-week period, 7 lbs!! It was the holidays people, don’t judge me too harshly, baked goods have never tasted sooo gooood.

Silly Symptoms: My BOOBS are also pregnant!

Before this whole pregnancy thing happened I can honestly say that I really looked forward to my bust size increasing… I thought it’d be FUN to have boobs for once in my life!!  Hmmmm, how do I say this… Not quite what I had expected?!


It was literally the first sign that I was pregnant, breasts in pain, bra cups suddenly full.  Yay!  So many things can be exciting when you’re waiting to become pregnant.  I almost could have called it without taking the pee-test.  With a couple of days to let the pregnancy sink in, I was also excited about these new curves, this was (of course) before my insulation layer settled in over the rest of my body.  Now I look at them and wonder in horror, how big are they gonna get?  Much like my stomach, which seems to be growing every minute.  However, unlike my hard, protruding tummy, my breasts are more, well, just plain FAT!  And the veins that run through them are more pronounced, blue webs encasing b-b-blubber.  I know, not too appealing when you put it that way.  My nipples are also expanding and the skin around them darkening.  Making them look more like sand dollars than my nice size-proportionate nipples, that I will never again take for granted (that is, IF, I ever get them back) that I had pre-pregnancy.  Bra size is up a full cup, and I mean a full cup, less the usual padding that I used to prefer.  Three new ones bought, and I fear more shopping will be needed in the future.


I know that these babies will (hopefully) be feeding my little guy and I appreciate the load they must carry.  The woman’s body is truly an amazing machine and I watch in awe as it changes nearly everyday.  It would honestly look completely ridiculous if everything else got bigger, but the breasts stayed the same (wink, wink).  LOL!

Dressing the Bump!


The pregnancy wardrobe has proven to be more difficult than I had initially envisioned. I do not know if this is because I am bigger than I had imagined or if I was just plain ignorant the first go-around. In any case, I am still figuring out what works and what DEFINITELY DOES NOT work!

Six months in, here are my essentials:

#1. Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Long and Lean Ribbed Tank $12.99

I layer these with nearly everything.  They fit below the waist and under the expanding belly nicely.  Washed and worn regularly, they still look great.  My suggestion, stock up!

#2. Gap Pure Body Long-Sleeve Tee in V-neck or Crewneck $24.95

As I get further along in pregnancy, this bump really looks like I’m harboring a baby in there, not a keg of Bud.  So I’ve decided I like to accentuate the bump, instead of trying to hide it.  I originally thought I could get away with wearing flowy pre-pregnancy tops, but I’ve found that I put some on, and I look as big as a house.  Some maternity pieces really do flatter this new figure, and this piece is one I’m a huge fan of.  The shirred detailing along the belly and a length hitting at the hip definitely makes a pregnant girl still feel slim (at least from behind).  Material is SUPER soft, has a great stretch, and they ALWAYS go on sale!  Do not buy at full price!

#3. Paige Premium Maternity Denim $195

Maternity jeans suck!!  These are my only saving grace.  Every pair of maternity jeans I’ve tried sag in the rear, and trying to pull them up every five minutes is not only unattractive, but seriously annoying.  If you can live with covering your booty for nine months, you can probably get away with a cheaper pair (I do have a few of those for days I’m down to hide).  However, if you’d like to still believe that you have a figure and show it off once in a while, I suggest you give these a whorl.  I own the Laurel Canyon Bootcut and the Skyline Drive Skinny and LOVE them both.

#4. Cardigans, Blazers, Wraps and Hoodies

This is where my pre-pregnancy wardrobe has come in handy.  Over a tank or a tee, these work perfectly, even when you can’t button, zip or close them anymore.  I’ve been wearing mine with scarves and long necklaces.  One of my favorites is by Splendid, dressed up or down, it’s cozy and comfy.

#5. Flats!!

I’ve not always been a fan of flats, but they’re now a necessity.  I work standing all day, and by the end, I can definitely feel the weight I’ve been adding to the waistline.  Comfort is of the utmost priority and although I still bust out the heels on occasion, their time is limited.  A few notable selections: I’m a long-time fan of Tahari Ballet Flats, my seasonal fave is the Frye Melissa Riding Boot and my Christmas addition to the “flats collection” is Toms Classic Shoe in Pewter Sequins (thanks mom!!).

Those are my top 5!  Please let me know if there is anything you found during pregnancy that helped when you looked into that mirror every morning.  I love fashion, but this is one I will love to box up and store away shortly (at least until the next pregnancy occurs).

Interesting Tidbit: Baby Dreams

I recently asked my doctor the question “What is my baby doing all day?”

My husband and I pondered the thought of our little dude in a conscious state, dancing, grooving or practicing karate moves like his future toddler-self might eventually do.  We wondered whether the movements we have seen during ultrasounds were voluntary or involuntary?  Does he sleep?

My doctor’s response to my question surprised me.  He said that the majority of day is spent sleeping, 20 hours or more.  Instantly, I feel lucky that we got to see him moving around on the sonogram screen.  Furthermore, my doctor continues, up to a 100 percent of that time the baby is actually in dream-sleep.  WHOA!  What can this little dude be dreaming about?!  I have always related my own dreams to the things happening around me, people I have had a relationship with or known at some point in my life, places I have visited or experienced through books and media, all stored away in some corner of my mind that pop-up when I least expect it.  But experience is something my baby can not possibly have, right?  I imagine this intense little imagination, this tiny brain forming dreams about what his life will be like, what the world he’ll be born into will hold, who his parents will be, and wonder… will he be disappointed?

Sweet dreams, little one.

Half Baked!! 20 weeks and counting…


20 weeks have come and gone, and like so many things in life, it seems it’s happened in the blink of an eye. We received the very exciting news we are expecting the arrival of our SON in April and got to see his growth and progress with another ultrasound this month. He is healthy and things seem to be developing without any problems. Our guy is BIG, always measuring days larger than his assumed due date, this time almost a week larger. He weighed in at approximately 11oz at 19 weeks and is starting to rock out hard enough to be felt, below and around the sides of my placenta.


My follow-up with my doctor a was fairly uneventful.  He gave his condolences for our news of a boy (he has two himself), and we had a laugh about the mischievous behaviors that are likely in store.  With the holidays at the forefront of my thoughts (and probably my docs as well), and with no real questions from me or concerns from my recent ultrasound, the appointment was short and sweet.


With the gender of our bun confirmed, I look forward to some more in-depth planning in the coming months… nursery, gear, clothing, etc.  2012 shall be a very exciting new year and I cannot wait to experience every tasty morsel!