Interesting Tidbit: Placenta Placement

I have been concerned that I haven’t felt my little guy moving around inside my growing belly.  From what I’ve read, and from what I’ve been told by other moms, I could have felt this little dude as soon as 16 weeks.  As I sit on the brink of my half way mark, 20 weeks, I wondered if it was just that I hadn’t recognized what it actually feels like….


This week I had my 19 week ultrasound and among other news, the technician tells me that I have an anterior placenta.  Embarrassed by my lack of placenta knowledge, the first thing I ask is “what exactly is the placenta?”  Sure I’ve heard the word, but really besides the fact that it “falls to the floor” in a Live song, I had no idea what it actually is!  The technician explains to me that the placenta is the nutrient sack that feeds my little dude, cool.  The second thing I ask is “is having an anterior placenta ok?”  The technician tells me that this is a normal variance.  The anterior placenta sits on the front of the uterine wall near the abdomen, instead of the back near the spine, where a posterior placenta would sit.  She also mentions that the reason I haven’t felt this little guy is likely because my placenta is in front of the baby.  His movements would have to generate enough force that I could feel it through the placenta, which is large in comparison to the uterus.  Interesting!  She assures me that I should feel him in the next couple of weeks, and by the looks of how active he was in the ultrasound, there won’t be any way I will miss it for too much longer.


What is a placenta?

Anterior v. Posterior


Focus on family


There is no better time than the holiday season to reflect on the abundance of blessings in our lives.  At the top of my “I’m Thankful For” list is my beautiful little family.  It’s not that I’ve ever taken it for granted, it’s just with such a huge change on the horizon, I’m really trying to bask in its simplicity.

I met my husband nearly 10 years ago, and with every year that passes, I thank God that by meer chance we met in a small little town and that we’ve weathered our storms to become more than a couple, we have become a family.  My life has exceeded my juvenile expectations and I owe a great deal of that to my husband.  Without him, so many of my dreams wouldn’t have been achieved so easily.  We married just over 4 years ago and added our “starter children” soon there after.  Unconditional love is something you will only feel when there are animals in your life.  Their faces always depict concern and adoration for their “parents” and they will always be one of the best things about coming home.

I’ve been told that “you will have never felt love, like the love you’ll have for your children” and I believe this is true.  My wish for this holiday season is that I don’t take a moment of my existing life for granted and that I remember the amazing beginnings of my little family.  Matt, Brody and Tate you have given me the best present of all, you’ve given me happiness.  You’ve given me a reason to live, to love and to laugh everyday.  And above all others, you’ve given me the courage and confidence to grow our little family, so that all the happiness and love I feel can be shared with another.

If there is nothing under the tree this year for Christmas, it will be more than any one person deserves, because I have everything I need this year, I have a family that loves me and that I can love in return.