Silly Symptoms: Reptilian Skin

I’ve always heard talk of this so-called “pregnancy glow” and have attributed it to beautiful, radiant (glowing, dewy, moisture-rich) skin during these pregnancy months.  However, what I am experiencing is more along the lines of molting lizard.  Yikes!

It started early on when I was just getting used to the idea that we were pregnant.  I have allergies and am no stranger to itchy skin, but my normal allergies were not as bad as they could be.  And they would usually effect my face, typically my nose, lash line and eyebrows.  This “new” itchy skin was particularly bothersome on my legs and sometimes, my stomach.  Unfortunately before I knew it, I had scratched a decent amount of skin from the first layer of my legs and red bumps were popping up all over them, creating what looked like a self-inflicted rash.  Fun!

What to do?  My husband would suggest drinking more water.  He always suggests this, as he thinks I live my life in varying states of dehydration.  Sometimes I (secretly) agree with him, but I knew that I had beefed up the H2O consumption lately and there NEEDED to be a speedier solution to this problem, or I’d literally be crawling out of this skin soon.  Enter The Body Shop, Body Butter!  This stuff is awesome, and I caught a good sale for Labor Day Weekend which sweetened the deal.  I bought some of my favorite “flavors” and stocked up for the duration of this pregnancy.  It took about a week of slathering up, but no more bumps and no more itching, plus I think that “glow” is finally revealing it’s bashful little head.

This symptom is one more in a really long line of things caused by hormonal changes.  Whoo hoo!  For now, I’ve got you figured out!

See you later, alligator!


Silly Symptoms: Hairy Situations

I know I’ve been a big slacker in posting lately, and I know you’ve all been missing me (wink, wink) but this holiday season is in full bloom and I can hardly find the time.  However, I have TONS to catch you up on so, with any luck you’ll be sick of me in the next few weeks.

Let’s talk about a very HAIRY situation… happening all over my ever-changing body.  Hair growth is in overdrive during pregnancy, and I expected it.  I was even excited about it after I hastily chopped off my long locks last December to try something new (thank goodness I got that out of my system before I started packing on the lbs).  In general, I am blessed with hair that grows quickly.  I don’t have a lot of it, but that which I do have, grows fast.  It’s growing even faster now, and on top of my head this is a symptom I could grow fond of.  The problem is that it’s growing faster all over my body, and in some places that I’m pretty sure hair is not supposed to grow (at least on women).  I’m shaving several times a week, which is something I ONLY do on vacation.  Normally, my hair is so lightly colored that I can get away with not shaving for weeks.  Well, I’m not getting away with it anymore.  There’s hair growing on the top of my toes and feet, I’m sure it’s been there before, but now it’s darker.  I added a wax to those areas at my last manicure and pedicure appointment!!  The peach fuzz on my face seems to be longer than ever, or at least I’m noticing it where I’ve never noticed it before.  Same with the hair on my arms.  My stray, what I call “grandma hairs”, that occasionally sprout on my chin or back are under close surveillance, and my eyebrows…. let’s just say plucking is at an all-time high!!  SO MUCH maintenance, so little time!!  Please tell me this will all go back to normal eventually??!!

Does hair growth predict the sex of your baby?  Opinions vary.

First trimester down, two to go!


I have mixed feelings about my first trimester.  There were days that were long and I couldn’t wait for my head to hit the pillow at night and there were days I barely felt pregnant (except for the ill-fitting pants).  In all, I feel extremely blessed that these last three months have flown by and that they were fairly easy on me.

Let’s talk about the bad days first, not because I’m a glass-half-empty kind of girl, but because I’d like to leave you all on a good note.  Every morning I had to fight my gag-reflex until I ate something substantial.  Usually I’d experience this first thing in the morning, in the shower or while brushing my teeth.  This “nausea” consisted of coughing, gagging and usually watery eyeballs.  I actually only threw up a total of 2 times during the whole first trimester, thank you God!  My food aversions were mostly towards meat (all kinds) therefore carbs became my new best friend.  For a good month I ate pasta, bread and rice for nearly every meal, usually topped with something tasty, but not necessarily nutritious.  I ate these meals often because that’s what my body wanted and I gained more weight than I was supposed to in the first trimester.  My breasts filled out, were sore to the touch for a good six weeks and most of my padded bras are now VERY uncomfortable (I need to do some shopping in this department).  Gas and bloating hinder my daily comfort and ten hours of sleep at night and mid-afternoon naps were my only savior on terribly groggy days.

My (bad-days) Synopsis:  I’m pleased that the worst of these last three months were a few extra pounds, I can lose those eventually.  Puking on the regular would have not only been hard on me, but how could I have made it through a day with my clients?!  There are no sick days in hairdressing!

Now  for some good news!!  The good days out numbered the bad 4 to 1.  Most days I was running at about 80% of my usual, which I will consider great after all the information I’ve read on first tri worst-case-scenarios.  I was still able to work-out with my trainer (huffing and puffing the entire time), I was never to sick to work and my skin, hair and nails look amazing.  My health has been excellent, even my allergies seem to have subsided (of course I don’t know if that’s the pregnancy or the season??).  My mood had been generally upbeat and I’m excited about our new addition and all the life changing stuff that having a baby will provide.  Best of all, in this first trimester, my doctor’s appointments and test results have been normal, and my husband and I have seen our little dude playfully moving and growing like any baby should.

My (good-days) Synopsis:  With a third of this pregnancy behind me so quickly, I think I better start a to-do list with some urgency.  This kiddo will be here before I know it!

Bye, bye first tri!  Hello to (hopefully) glorious #2!