It’s a BOY (maybe)!


If you have asked me what my preference is on the sex of my precious unborn, my not-so-secret wish is that Baby S will be a bouncing little boy.  Not that I would be bummed about a little girl, but if you know me well, my fear is that my shopping problem would escalate into a full-blown obsession with one.  There’s so much fluff associated with girls, and I don’t know if I could control myself.  The other reason is, that I know my very guy’s guy, husband would love a boy and having one first would take away the pressure of producing one the second (or third) time around.

My husband and I opted for a Nuchal Translucency Screening Test during the first trimester.  This test is designed to detect the risk of our baby having Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major congenital heart problems.  There are two blood tests and an ultrasound associated with this screening.  So at 12 weeks I got to see my little dude on the monitor again.  The technician’s job was to measure the clear (translucent) space in the tissue at the back of the developing baby’s neck, but I couldn’t help asking wether she could tell if the baby was a boy or girl.  She quickly scanned the appropriate area and said “it looks like a boy”, showed me what looked like a penis, snapped a picture and moved on.  She sounded pretty confident, and what she showed me was convincing, but let’s just say we’re not painting the nursery blue yet!

What do you think?

My 19 week ultrasound is coming up the first week of December, I literally can’t wait!  I hope this 12 week prediction is confirmed, but I know whatever the sex, this baby will be a welcomed addition to our little family.

The test results are in:

Down Syndrome chances are 1 in 98,000

Trisomy 18 chances are 1 in 1,500



Interesting Tidbit: Shots, shots, shots…

…shots, shots, everybody!

I’ve never had the Flu Shot before.  I’ve never wanted one.  I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty healthy person and I’m not a huge fan of needles.  Truthfully, I rarely get sick, even though plenty of my clients like to tempt me with their sicknesses every day during this dreaded flu season.  I also don’t like putting unnecessary “medicines” into my body, and I’d like to think I’m a strong enough machine to fight off whatever bad comes my way.  I’ve never read or been told anything about the vaccine convincing me otherwise, so I suppose my ignorance is bliss.

This week I got the Flu Shot for the first time, and I did it not only for myself, I did it for my baby.  This IT was suggested by my OBGYN because as most of us preggos know, there are very few over-the-counter type medicines we can take to relieve our symptoms when things go awry while carrying precious cargo.  Knowing that I can’t down a shot of NyQuil to help me catch some z’s or to clear up my sinuses was almost convincing enough.  Add on the fact that I pass on the flu antibodies to my baby so that when they are finally born, they too, will also be protected from the flu, SOLD!!!

Man, these people really know what they’re doing!  Check out this article.

Silly Symptoms: Powered by Natural Gas!

I debated whether to write about this symptom or not, but alas I came to the conclusion that if I’m dealing with it, I should write about it.  So consider yourselves warned…


I’ve always been respectful of the people around me in this regard.  I have never been one to let gas rip (from either end) in front of anyone and just laugh it off unlike my husband who does every chance he gets.  I don’t know if this is because I’m a girl or because of the household I was raised, but modesty has always been my best policy.  I’ll suffer all day wearing 4-inch heels in the name of fashion, certainly I can hold in gas, right?!  Pregnancy has made this increasingly impossible and I’ve been known to banish my husband from the room I’m in for hours, and have even considered sleeping in the guest bedroom out of pure embarrassment.  Of course sleep is of the utmost importance, so I turn on the ceiling fan and pray I can hold it until he’s asleep.


Obviously the reason for all this fermenting is because our digestion slows during pregnancy.  Creating not just burping and farting, but also constipation, fun stuff!  It’s our body’s way of making sure that every last nutrient is extracted from the food we eat in order to nourish our baby.  Let me please tell you that this was NOT obvious to me, I thought I was rotting from the inside out!  The gas builds all day long too!  In the morning I’ll wake up and my stomach looks normal, by the end of the day my belly is so distended it looks like I’m at least 4-8 weeks further along in this pregnancy than I am.  Many books I’ve read actually say that the first signs we confuse with “showing” are actually just a bowl movement forming.  I know, T.M.I.!!



I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!


I am 11 weeks pregnant exactly, or maybe 11 weeks and 4 days (my nurse thinks I might be fudging the date).  In any case, things are getting a little snug around the waistline.  No, I don’t necessarily think it’s my fig-size baby making it impossible to breathe in my jeans, although I do think it’s part of the dilemma.  It’s likely my stellar diet the last 6 weeks or the constant pregnancy gas and bloating that’s hindering my normal dressing routine.  I’ve decided this early on it’s better to give in to comfort than to live (suffocating) in denial.

Enter Bellaband.  These glorified tube tops come in a variety of colors and are made with a stretchy, soft material that will hold up my pre-pregnancy pants while the fly is totally open.  This way I don’t have to squeeze into my normal pants by forcing closed the buttons or zippers.  And I’m certainly not ready for full-on maternity gear yet.  It’s great, continued comfort in all my favorite jeans (and even some that haven’t fit in years).  I must also mention that they nicely smooth any unwanted lines created by too-tight of clothing.  I’ve never been one to buy smaller than I am, so lord knows I don’t want to start looking like I have been now.

It’s weird, this “fat” phase.  I find myself holding my stomach like I’m protecting my precious cargo or pushing out my belly with air to make it look more pregnant, if I even think someone is looking at me questioningly.  I know this is silly, and I know that no one is really looking at me like I’m a tubby.  I just can’t help looking down at my waistline and wanting more of a pregnant belly and less of a full-of-pasta-belly.  Belly picks coming soon, btw.

Fashion lately has made me appreciate being pregnant in this age.  So many of my clothes are already roomy, flowy bohemian types (I ❤ Free People), and I’m hoping that with a few new “maternity” pieces I’ll be good to go.  Am I dreaming?  I dunno.  Let me know what you mom’s couldn’t have lived without!!

I went for Target’s brand.  Made by the creators of the original Bellaband.

Breakfast: 2 egg breakfast burrito, apple

Lunch: Chicken and green chile panini, chips

Dinner: Bar Basic veggie pizza

Queasiness Level: None!! I know, I am extremely lucky!!

Interesting Tidbit: Sleep Positions

I came across this IT by accident yesterday.  Well, not exactly by accident, I mean I was scouring pregnancy websites for more and MORE information (I’m a control freak, I can’t help it).  I suppose I should say it was something I found that I wasn’t looking for, cool.  You learn something new everyday (wink)!


Sleeping on your side is best while you’re pregnant. In particular, sleeping on your left side may benefit your baby by improving blood flow – and therefore nutrients – to the placenta. It also helps your kidneys efficiently eliminate waste products and fluids from your body, which in turn reduces swelling in your ankles, feet, and hands.


Sounds grrrrreat to me!  Not to mention that I’ve been training 31 years for this one.  Love to find out that I’m doing something right without even knowing it.  Whoo hoo!


Speaking of sleep positions, any moms out there use the Boppy Total Body Pillow while pregnant?  Or something similar?  Right now I’m piling up pillows, sort of creating one, just wondered if it was worth the dough.  Do tell!

Silly Symptoms: Drop it like it’s hot!

I am no stranger to a piping hot shower!  In fact I LOVE THEM! I purposefully steam up the whole bathroom so I can brush my teeth and do all my personal grooming in the buff, before I have to cover up in my fleece robe and carry on with my morning.  There are few pleasures like this in life.


Well this little routine has come to a screeching holt.  If my shower water is to hot anymore, I’ll actually start to feel nauseous and that heat will awaken my sensitive gag-reflex, yikes.  Nothing like puking in the shower first thing in the morning.  Actually brings new meaning to the term morning sickness, eh?

“It’s not like I’m trying to bake you little dude, mama just likes some good warming from the outside okay?!”


It’s not limited to hot showers either.  I’ve been trying to work out, desperately, but I can’t push it.  My usual 3 mile loop around the neighborhood that I often run with my pups has been cut short about a mile lately.  Besides the fact it feels like I’m running with weights on, I can’t handle the heat.  I’ve always hated to be sweaty, it seems little dude hates it too!


I suppose like most things in pregnancy there is a good explanation for this.  And as it turns out, there is.  I guess it’s common for a woman’s body temperature to alter during pregnancy.  During pregnancy, our metabolism speeds up and causes our body to create additional heat.  Great news for all that pasta I’ve been eating.  Not so great news for all those cute winter sweaters I was hoping to wear shortly.


When the pimp’s in the crib ma… drop it like it’s hot!

Silly Symptoms: I’ll huff and I’ll puff…

…and I’ll continue to huff and puff.  There will be nothing blown down, I’d be lucky to even blow out a candle!  Shortness of breath is one of the very first symptoms I noticed in pregnancy.  I think because of my profession, where I talk nonstop all day with my clients, it was distinctive from the get-go. There I’d be mid-convo and BAM!!, I’d have to take a breather (literally), and then continue on with my gossip session.  I guess this one came as a surprise because, as many things in pregnancy, I’d never heard anything about it before. Upon investigation, it’s not so rare, imagine that.


I’ll tell you a funny story about this…  One of my best friends is pregnant, about 3 months ahead of me.  One day I was visiting with her at her house.  She was telling me all about her nursery (something I haven’t even thought about yet) and all the furniture that she was getting.  I was having a hard time picturing the room in her house where this would all be happening, so I asked to see it.  This room happens to be on the second floor.  So the two of us preggos walk up a quick couple flights of stairs, and down a short hallway into the room.  She begins pointing and talking about how everything will be arranged, when I notice she’s totally out of breath (as was I) from that excruciating hike to the second floor.  I quickly interrupt her to ask “omigod, are you totally out of breath right now?” and “does it happen to you often?”.  She confirmed what I had read and we had a laugh about it!


Apparently, you need more oxygen during pregnancy, and your body adapts to meet this need in several ways.  An increase in hormones, particularly progesterone, directly affects your lungs and stimulates the respiratory center in your brain.  And while the number of breaths you take per minute actually changes very little during pregnancy, the amount of air you take in with each breath increases significantly.  Interesting!
It’s great to have someone to go through this journey with, especially on your first go at it.  I am fortunate that she is going through it first, because I get to be the sponge that soaks up all the info as she leaks it my way.  What you’ll find is that you’re silly symptoms are likely not unique.  It’s great to know that someone else is feeling or has felt this way and that you’ll get through it eventually.  I originally thought about calling this segment, Sucky Symptoms, but think there must be some good ones coming…  or at least one can pray there are (wink, wink).


Here’s the info I found helpful: