Interesting Tidbit: Trash Day!

This IT came from a girlfriend of mine that had been trying for some time to get pregnant (she’s also pregnant and due early next year).  Upon further research, I added it to our regime.


Long periods of abstinence increase old sperm count in the semen, decreasing its ability to fertilize the egg.  Having sex every two or three days refreshes semen, resulting in better sperm quality.


We had what we called a “sperm dump day”.  It was the first day in our 10-day method, when I knew I was several days away from ovulation.  It was easy to add-on the extra day and I felt better about our sperm quality, therefore I felt better about getting the job done!


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Who’s gonna eat all this food?!


Well the answer to that question is easy, ME!!

It is truly amazing how quickly you go from zero to pregnant.  It seems to happen overnight!  One day you have that little thought crossing your mind that you might be pregnant, and the next, (BAM!!) you’re pigging out on pasta shells and ice cream bars.

I feel like I’d always told myself that I wanted to be that cute pregnant lady, the one that ate healthy and exercised throughout her pregnancy.  I’m sure that EVERYONE has that notion before they start this journey, I mean who wants to be the fat, sloppy, pregnant lady pigging out all by herself?  Well let me tell you, this little bundle of joy gives you no choice but to play by its rules.  And lord knows if you don’t, you’ll pay the price.  If you are one of the lucky preggos that can maintain your willpower and not give into that nagging, gnawing rock that seems to settle right into your gut, then congrats, but I hate you!

So there I was checking out at the grocery store, wondering who in the world picked out all this food and wondering why I was wasting money on things I would (normally) NEVER eat.  But the truth was that I would go through that food the following week, loving every bite of it.  My cravings (I can’t really even call them cravings), the ONLY things I can eat are “mushy” foods, and I have to eat them often.  I walked out of the grocery store that day with a loaf of bread, english muffins, peanut butter, Saltines, Nilla Wafers, eggs, tortillas, pasta (tons of pasta) and spaghetti sauce, Ramen Noodles, cans of chicken noodle soup, Jello pudding, brownie mix, potatoes and fruit, TONS OF FRUIT (thank God I can eat fruit), etc.  Large hunks of protein are out of the question!  I tried it once and nearly lost my stomach contents.  Even the thought of protein turns my stomach.  I have, however, figured out ways around that, but it wasn’t easy.

Every book you’ll read about gaining weight during your pregnancy will say that no additional weight is expected in your first trimester.  I say, bullshit!  I am finding myself in the “lucky” group of preggos who don’t experience the kind of morning/afternoon/all-day sickness that includes vomiting.  However, where I sit, I have found that if I don’t feed that weird, persistent weight sitting on my guts I will begin to feel nauseous and will start dry-heaving and gaging over what I can only explain is hunger (even though I just ate 2 hours earlier).  It is a strange feeling not being in control of how you feel from day-to-day.  And surely, while living on PB&J sandwiches and pasta of all assortments, there is no possible way I will not be gaining at least a few pounds in this glorious first trimester!  I know this will all come to pass, but when you’re experiencing it for the very first time, it’s hard to imagine that it will.

Breakfast: 2 egg breakfast burrito, honeydew mellon

Lunch: PB&J Sandwich, hummus and chips

Dinner: Burger Lounge Veggie Salad

Queasiness Level: Zero, even got in a good workout today!

Interesting Tidbit: Lube it up!

I’ve learned a few VERY interesting tidbits as I journey into this new world of fertility and pregnancy, things I had never once heard spoken until I really got serious about trying.  Luckily for me, I had no problem talking about this with everyone and anyone who might have insight into this strange new world.  For those of you who will remain more private about starting a family, these interesting tidbits (lets refer to them as IT’s) may help you along the way.


LUBRICANTS!!  Oh, how they make life easier, reducing friction and protecting against wear (and tear).  I have learned many lessons about lubricants over the years.  One in particular I learned when I first started driving.  Apparently without enough lubricant (oil) in an engine, the engine will essentially melt, opps!  Here’s another one, everyday personal lubricants can damage sperm or keep them from swimming normally even when they are labeled “non-spermicidal”.  My husband and I are no strangers to these such lubricants, so when I was introduced to the product Pre-seed, I ran out and bought it from my local CVS.


Something along the way worked, and this is just one small piece of our pregnancy puzzle.  Check it out


Someone call the doctor!


Step 1: Call the professionals.  In my case this means Dr. Barmeyer at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns.

I took my pregnancy test on a Monday evening, quickly and knowingly, that the outcome would be that we were expecting.  The signs were there, tenderness in the breasts, cramping but no sign of a period, more yawns in the afternoon than the day after a good alcohol bender…  and still, the mad dash to Rite Aid for that digital test was a must, not just for me but for my husband too.  Would this help it sink in?  Well it still hasn’t fully, and I’ll tell you why.

I called the hospital the following day, Tuesday afternoon.  I was greeted with congratulations by the operator who took down all the pertinent information about my cycle and few other medical related questions.  She forwarded this information on to my doctor and his nurses and assured me that they would call me back in order to set up my first appointment.

24 hours later I had not heard anything from the hospital, so I called back.  “Did I get lost in translation?”  I mean, this is my first pregnancy, and I was anxious to see the doctor.  I felt desperate for a confirmation of this pregnancy from a professional, and for some reassurance that everything was ok.  The second phone operator tells me that everything had indeed been sent to Dr. Barmeyer and that someone would definitely call me back.  Ok, breathe Diane, and be patient.  I suppose this is a virtue I will have to learn very, very soon anyways.

The following morning, Wednesday, my doctor’s nurse does call me and we work together to set up my first appointment.  “Well, we’d really like to see you in your first trimester, so let’s see what we have for the first week of October”.  She says this so nonchalantly… “we’d really like to see you in your first trimester..”?!?!  Well guess what, I’d REALLY like to be seen in my first trimester!!!  Apparently, gone are the days of trekking down to the doctor’s office to take an in-house pregnancy test.  Trust in that $15 test from Rite Aid is all you get for the first three months.  That, and all the fun symptoms (I’ll save that juicy content for future posts).

With four and a half weeks to wait for this first appointment, I wonder what I will do.  Tell my family, friends, co-workers?  How can I tell them when I can hardly believe it myself?  And how can I possibly keep this HUGE secret for that long?  Will seeing that heartbeat for the first time make it easier to grasp?  Will hashing out all my questions with the doctor bring some clarity to all the confusion I feel?  Unfortunately, I don’t know.  I suppose the only thing I do know is, I’ll have to wait and see.

Breakfast: 2 Egg Burrito with Cheese and Taco Sauce (you’ll see this A LOT, it’s my go-to breakfast), Banana

Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup with crunched up Saltines Crackers, Berry Protein Shake

Dinner: Stuffed Pasta Shells and a Baked Potato with Cheese & Sourcream, yum!!

Queasiness Level: Next to none today, almost feel “normal”

I’m pregnant. Now what?


There it was, clear as a sunny San Diego day, PREGNANT!  My husband and I knew that at some point this would happen (or at least we hoped it would) after committing to “trying” earlier this year.  It seems like we’d been talking about it forever, and we’d been telling others that it was in the works, but now… it’s happening.  Whoa!

In lieu of peeing on a stick everyday, we decided that we’d try making a baby every other day for ten days, starting on the ninth day, after the first day of my period.  This is a lot of sex for a couple that is pushing 10 years together, both with full-time jobs and social calendars, two VERY demanding (wink, wink) pups and well, a proper amount of laziness from both sides.  God forbid, one of us ate a burrito for lunch on a scheduled baby-making-day!  I knew this would be hard, but I also knew this had to work.  I would definitely be ovulating one of those days and we’d have swimmers ready.

We technically kicked off this mission in January with a trip to Hawaii.  One last trip before we “try”.  Before this trip, it was our last big trip to Greece the previous May.  Needless to say, we worried a lot about how this pregnancy, and ultimately CHILD would fit into our busy lives.  We’re still wondering….

Here we are seven months later, pregnant.  As I type the words “I’m pregnant now what” into the search bar of google (yes, I really did that) I realize, I have no idea what I’m getting myself into.  I went from talking about it (which is really easy) to actually having to process my actions (which is extremely hard to grasp).  I’ve always heard tidbits about pregnancy …don’t eat raw fish… take prenatal vitamins… cut back on caffeine, etcetera, but nothing really substantial.  I’m beginning to understand that I know nothing about having a baby.  I better start reading.  I better start asking questions.  And I better CALL MY DOCTOR!

Breakfast: Cantaloupe, Greek Yogurt & Granola

Lunch: Veggie Burger with Terriyaki, Pineapple & Tomato, French Fries

Dinner: Amy’s Organic Spinach Pizza, side dish of Grapes

Queasiness Level: Minimal today, thank God!